Shore Good Times Fundraiser and Notice of AGM

Now that the snows coming down and the mild winter is over… in previous years, our thoughts turn towards the 53rd Weeks annual general meeting (AGM) and Shore Good Times networking / fundraiser weekend to be held on June 17-19, 2016. 

This year, well be heading to Atlantic City to relax and rejuvenate with members and friends of The 53rd Week. 


While the fundraiser weekend as a whole is by invite only, our annual general meeting is open to all 53rd Week members - so if youre willing to make the trek and learn more about our organisation, wed love to see you. 

For our long-time supporters, stay tuned for your invites for the Shore Good Times weekend and AGM. We look forward to seeing you out at our 2016 to enjoy the fundraiser part - food, fun, and fantastic company, and of course, all things global health, volunteer-y, and The 53rd Week!


A formal notice for the AGM, as required by law, follows below. Feel free to contact with any questions. 





TAKE NOTICE THAT pursuant to Section 4.09 of Article IV of the bylaws of The 53rd Week Ltd., the Board of Directors has set the place and time of the 2016 Annual General Meeting as follows:

On: Friday, June 17, 2016, 5:00-6:00pm

At: 118 South Kingston Avenue, Atlantic City, NJ 08401, U.S.A.

AND TAKE NOTICE that at that time the business affairs of The 53rd Week Ltd. will be reviewed as per an Agenda to come, including a review of the Directors for 2016-17, presentation of the activities and financial position of The 53rd Week Ltd. for 2014-15, and consideration of all motions properly served. 


Note: In accordance with the By-Law, while all Members are entitled to participate in the Annual General Meeting, only Members in good standing shall be eligible to vote. Members unable to attend may authorise a proxy holder (who is also a Member in good standing) to vote on their behalf, by duly completing and returning a letter stating so for this purpose by May 31, 2016.


If you plan on attending, kindly e-mail so that we can plan appropriately. 


By order of The 53rd Week Board of Directors. 

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