Call for Volunteer Positions

The 53rd Week is a non-profit organization that maximizes the impact of short-term volunteer initiatives through innovation, research and advocacy with a current focus on communities in the Dominican Republic.


  • Build innovative, community-driven programs: Our volunteers collaborate with local community leaders to prioritize health needs and develop strategies to meet them

  • Demonstrate outcomes: With our partners, we measure the impact of our programs and adjust our strategies to ensure our work makes a difference

  • Advocate for responsible volunteerism: Using our findings, we empower students and young professionals to build their short-term, socially responsible volunteer programs.

We are currently looking for volunteers to fill the following positions (minimum of 1 year commitment):

Public Health Researcher (5-10 hours a week)

We are looking for an individual with a background in epidemiology or public health who has an interest in global health and community development. Current projects are focused on identifying health determinants of Haitain refugees in the Dominican Republic and programmatic evaluation of mobile medical clinic model.  Required skills include knowledge of community research design and development, basic epidemiology and biostatistics. Global health experience ideal.

Web developer (50 hours)


We are looking for a web developer to help update our website development and content.  We currently use Expression engine as our website platform.  Specific tasks include working with our content team to redesigning the homepage and to highlight our organizational programs as well as routine website maintenance on a bimonthly basis.  Creative freedom encouraged.

Writer (5 hours a week)

As part of our organizational development plans, we are looking for a professional writer to help with dissemination of advocacy materials and marketing tools to mainstream audiences. 

Please contact us at with expressions of interest and a current curriculum vitae. 

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